3D Touch Sensing


Elastomeric foams with embedded photonic senors for 3D touch recognition This work was completed as a final project for Bart Selman's CS 6700: Advanced Artificial Intelligence graduate course at Cornell. For this project, I designed and fabricated a soft touch sensor using an elastomeric foam with embedded infrared (IR) LEDs and receivers. The soft [...]

Cornell University


Organic Robotics Laboratory The Organic Robotics Laboratory led by Dr. Shepherd at Cornell University is an interdisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, materials scientists, and chemists. We are creating new breed of soft robots that mimic the capabilities of living organisms. By using soft materials such as elastomers and hydrogels we can create new modes of human/machine interaction . We are [...]

2D Plotter


I built this 2D plotter as an exploration of the  CoreXY Cartesian motion system. The frame is made from four 3' sections of aluminum extrusion, the sliders are inexpensive LMU88 linear bearings, and red plastic parts are all printed on a custom built A-101 based on the OS design by Lulzbot. Control is run through [...]

Holocene Technologies


Holocene Clean Energy is renewable energy company based out of Raleigh, NC. Holocene Clean Energy provides expertise in construction, finance and technology to meet the needs of commercial clients around the United States. Holocene Technologies designs and fabricates custom, commercial grade solar thermal systems. The flagship product of the company is the Fluid Handling System (FHS), and integrated [...]

Saarland University


During the summer of 2011, I worked as a researcher in Dr. Seelecke's Multifunctional Materials Systems Lab at the Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken, Germany. My work focused on the use of Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wires to mimic the function of biological muscles. First, a kinematic model of the bat motion is developed in order to determine the desired [...]

North Carolina State University


As a student at North Carolina State University, I performed research in Dr. Seelecke's Adaptive Structures Lab. During this time, my focus was working with Dielectric Electro-Active Polymers (DEAPs). DEAPs are thin, stretchable capacitors that can be used as either actuators or sensors. By applying a high electric field, the shape and stiffness of the [...]

Toy Design


Disc Launcher This disc launcher was an experiment with designing mechanical parts for low-cost 3D printing using fused deposition modeling (FDM). The toy is completely designed from 3D printed parts that snap together with no need for other hardware. Source files are linked below and as well as a demonstration video. I encourage anyone with [...]

Custom CNC Router


During my senior year at North Carolina State University, I designed and built a CNC router. I performed this work for undergraduate research credit and the project was funded using a Park Enrichment Grant. The machine is designed to cut light materials such as wood and plastic, with a 2' by 4' work area. Fabricated using a plywood structure and off-the-shelf [...]

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