Project Description

Origamic architecture is a variant of origami and kirigami that involves both cutting and folding paper. Originally centered around producing 3D reproductions of buildings, origamic architecture can be used for all manner of physical objects or geometric patterns. Origami architecture differs from traditional pop-up cards in that a single piece of paper is used with no need for adhesives to join multiple components. For more papercraft, check out my origami and kirigami pages. You can also find a more comprehensive collection of my work on my Flickr page.

Original designs

The section below highlights some of my favorite original pieces. For anyone interested in trying to make their own, you can download a template for “Relativity” from an article published by Make Magazine.


This section represents pieces I created by adding design elements to existing templates. The unmodified designs may be found in the section below.


All of the pieces in this section were created using designs from other artists. Many of these pieces, including all those featuring flowers, are from Nakazawa’s “3D Pop Up Greeting Cards”. Other pieces are based on work by Eberhard Dorschfeldt and Masahiro Chatani. More designs can be found for free online including and the Tower of Babel and Pagoda.