2D Plotter


I built this 2D plotter as an exploration of the  CoreXY Cartesian motion system. The frame is made from four 3' sections of aluminum extrusion, the sliders are inexpensive LMU88 linear bearings, and red plastic parts are all printed on a custom built A-101 based on the OS design by Lulzbot. Control is run through [...]

Leaf Venation


This work is a final project from CS 5643: Physically Based Animation for Computer Graphics, a graduate course at Cornell taught by Dr. Doug James. This work simulated leaf venation patterns using algorithms described by Runions et al. (2005). A 2D simulation is developed in JAVA, using the Processing library for visualization. Code is available on Github: Source: Code Simulations Examples simulations [...]



Skycam was one of the first home projects I designed after buying a 3D printer. This skycam for my apartment was modeled after the cable-driven camera systems commonly used in sports stadiums. The system uses four stepper motors, Easy Driver - Stepper Motor Drivers, and an Arduino Uno to extend and retract four spools of string. A [...]

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